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Your booking with Air Tahiti Nui is just a few clicks away! Log in to view your trip details and manage your reservation. Retrieve your current bookings and locked fares, or treat yourself with our A la carte Services to travel even more comfortably to your favorite destinations.

Manage my booking

To log in and find your flights, enter your booking reference or the ticket number provided by your travel agency or indicated in your confirmation e-mail.

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Add all the comfort you need to your trip with our A la Carte Services. Book your optional services online using the form above or on our Air Tahiti Nui mobile app

Take a moment to choose a seat in advance, access our lounges with the Air Tahiti Nui Lounge Pass, or purchase a Priority Pass for yourself and your travel companions. From departure to arrival, we make sure that every moment of your trip is unique.

Discover all our A la Carte Services to customize your trip.


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Simplify your travels. Thanks to the Air Tahiti Nui App, we are always by your side. Manage your trips in a few clicks and stay informed in real time from your mobile devices. Our travel assistant accompanies you in all your adventures!