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Air Tahiti Nui celebrates its 25th anniversary!

On November 20, 1998, Air Tahiti Nui took its first flight. The airline has been traversing the Polynesian skies ever since, reaching every corner of the globe, proudly carrying the colors and spirit of the islands where it originated. This year, Air Tahiti Nui is celebrating its 25th anniversary—a quarter of a century during which the company has perfected its expertise while sharing its love for Polynesian culture worldwide every day.

These wonderful years owe their richness to you, our passengers! Throughout our journeys, we've collectively gathered marvelous memories of exceptional adventures. This year, you had the chance to share them in our grand Share the Memories game, and we thank you for these beautiful moments.


The age of maturity and transmission 

This anniversary marks the age of maturity, an ideal moment to celebrate these wonderful years of growth alongside you while looking towards the future. All our teams have rallied to pass on these 25 years of passion, expertise, and experience to future generations: the 1st Careers Forum of Air Tahiti Nui, in partnership with Boeing, took place on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at Tahiti Faa'a Airport and Air Tahiti Nui's headquarters in the Tua Rata building.

FORUM DES METIERS - Micka + classe

This immersive day, focused on sharing and transmission, allowed 350 students from Fenua to discover all the careers at Air Tahiti Nui and engage directly with passionate professionals, eager to share their vocation. Such moments of connection between generations are essential to perpetuate our values, heritage, and passion for the fine professions in aviation.

Soirée ATN 25 ans

A monument for Air Tahiti Nui's 25 years 

To mark the celebration of this quarter-century, a unique sculpture was erected at Air Tahiti Nui's headquarters. Created by a local sculptor, Paulin Tamarii, this monument was inaugurated during Air Tahiti Nui's anniversary ceremony on Monday, November 20.

This sculpture celebrates the last 25 years that allowed us to grow, progress in our quest for excellence, and share unforgettable memories with you. Like Air Tahiti Nui, it is also oriented towards the future. 


Indeed, the young students who visited us during the Careers Forum of Air Tahiti Nui were invited to participate in this work by providing small stones marked with their respective names. These stones were then integrated into the Monument of 25 years, symbolizing the key role of Polynesian youth in the aviation world of tomorrow.


Contests and beautiful gifts 

What would an anniversary be without gifts? To thank you for your loyalty, two unique games were offered this year: Share the Love and Share the Memories, allowing you to win over 1,000,000 miles and private flights with Tahiti Nui Helicopters!

The grand draw to win 500,000 miles took place on our anniversary day, November 20, 2023. Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

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